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Show family members in cemetery.

They are many Marchbanks buried in the Reedy River Baptist Church Cemetery.  Is there a list of these people?

Joan; if you are asking about the two cemeteries in the area of Greenville, South Carolina, neither of them has any Marchbanks in the index. Only one has just a few images in BG, and the other is empty. If you are looking for a complete listing of either cemetery, you won't find that in BG; you will have to search elsewhere (local genealogy library or family history center.  

You should also check alterative grave sites on the internet. 


What exactly is the purpose of BG?  There are several Marchbanks buried in the Reedy River Baptist Church Cemetery, Greenville, South Carolina.  John Hamilton 1903 and wife Ida Estelle 1936,  John Blackwell 1920 and wife Mary Jane 1892,  Samuel Stephen 1903 and wife Lucinda 1908, Benjamin Gifford 1863 and wife Mary Caroline 1913.  Many more members of this family are there.  

I am trying to find the death and burial of Nora Marchbanks Landreth, daughter of the above mentioned John Hamilton Marchbanks 1859-1903 and Ida Estelle Boggs Marchbanks 1862-1936.  Nora was born 1890 Garvin Township, Anderson, South Carolina.  Her death is a mystery.  She and husband Wade Landreth had a son in 1912 and according to an early census, this son was living with his grandfather, Obediah Benjamin Landreth.  We assume Nora died around 1913 as there are no records of her name since that time.

I have searched every possible place I could think of.  I thought BG was another site to find information about burials.

Please tell me how to use BG in my genealogy work.

Thank you,


@Joan- Here are some videos explaining the difference of what BG does:

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