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charge/collect a grave from the pic

 hello i'm curious if that's could be better to create new thing that when you upload your pictures from your ipad through computer and they go to the site the gravestone location should be charged on map or you can select it manually i'm writing that's becouse i' were    voulunteer in krynki and i made many pictures from a trip on catholic cementary where i made thousands of pic also krynki they have an new cementary and old one actually fully photographed are both new sides the central one

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I think you mean when you upload photo not taken thru the BillionGraves App, why can't you also get them GPS tagged during the upload. My understanding is the BG is working on a way to do this but right now, the only way to get the GPS location with the pin for the photo is via the BG app. If you upload photos any other way, they are known as "supporting records" and can't be searched or linked to primary records taken with the app. 

If you are having trouble using the BG app, please ask for technical help from the HelpDesk. They will try to assist you. 

Those are some very large cemeteries and it would be wonderful to have them in the BG database. 


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