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How to edit a record to update it

I've just joined the site and would like to update the record for my family grave because my mum died this year and the photograph and information for the record are from 2017.  I've tried uploading a photo and to edit information but I don't seem able to do so and not sure what I'm doing wrong.  Thanks in advance for help.

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Can you take a photo with the app?  The app is the main source for our records. Once a second photo has been taken with updated information, the old photo can be deleted at that point. Just send the information into  They will know what to do!

The grave of my GG Grandfather, John Harvey, who died in South Australia on 22nd June,1899, and is buried at The Salisbury (St John the Evangelist)  2-20 Church st Salisbury South Australia has some very wrong information in the post beside it.   It has him lost at sea, which someone transcribed.  Those words are NOT on his tombstone..he was NOT lost at sea, and his wife, Ann, is also in the grave with him.  He died of complications of diabetes.   I do not know how to change that information, not how to get in touch with the person who wrote it...thank you

@Morganpa- All the graves in this location were linked together as they are in a family plot. One of the stones in the plot states that Cleland Ross Harvey was lost at sea. I have changed the notes to reflect this fact. 

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