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What is needed for cleaning up the map?

I am new to BG, but see some active users around me, which is cool. But I also see some problems on the map that need attention (or I need to learn why it’s ok). Can you tell us what info you need to correct the following issues?: 1 - A cemetery that is listed on the map more than once. 2 - A cemetery that is on the map but is really a funeral home or mortuary. 3 - A cemetery listed on the map that appears to be a private home. 4 - A cemetery listed with the name of another nearby cemetery, which is not listed (graves at both sites). 5 - A grave marker on the map that is located in a parking lot or other nearby but wrong location. And any tips on finding the correct location. 6 - A request that is empty or hasn’t got enough info to find the grave (IE: no name). Let us know what info you need to correct these so I can properly report them to get them fixed in one shot. Thank you!

I haven’t seen a reply to this, but did get a vague email saying to contact support if I had technical problems. Not sure if that was related to this post or not. I did read some other similar posts and it seems there is a record ID and/or URL (specific link) for each map entry that will help the support team find and fix errors. I’m still not clear as to why mortuaries are on the map (or have photo requests - or even some with photos!). I am guessing the nap makers got a database of cemeteries that included some funeral homes and didn’t/couldn’t filter them out?

Cemeteries are added all of the time by volunteers. We gather all of our information from volunteer efforts of users all over the world. Unfortunately, some people do not understand and have added in mortuaries or think it is funny to add a cemetery in their home.  Typically cemeteries go through a review process. Most of these so called cemeteries are rejected.  However, we are given hundreds of cemeteries on a weekly basis, and some of these "fake cemeteries" slip through the cracks.   We delete these or merge them into cemeteries when users email  them to us through support.  We appreciate any efforts by volunteers in local areas to clean up the database and make our system the most accurate of any out there.  We are a Utah based company and do not know cemeteries in every community, so volunteers are invaluable  in our efforts to be most accurate website out there. 

As Anna knows,  I do a lot of "Cemetery Cleanup". Usually a session starts with me noticing the kinds of isses you describe. Sometime it is simple like the mortuary tags or peoples houses!  Other times it is more complicated, with duplicates under different names,

In reporting such things to Support I have been trying to rather consistent with the messages.

When you open a support ticket, you have the options to be informative in the subject line. I use such phrases as:

Cemetery duplicate - Merge (if both duplicates have records or images)

Empty duplicate - Delete  (if the duplicate is empty - no records / images)

Not a cemetery - residential pin - delete

Not a cemetery - funeral home only - delete)

Language error - reset - (for records where the transcriber does not understand or read the language on the stone.

Transcription error - (maybe that  record is garbled with another unrelated one that I can't figure out how to solve by myself.) 

Linking error - (sometimes an image will have records attached tos it that should not be linked. I can fix some of those, but others need to go to tech staff for fixing.)

Delineation needed - if two cemeteries are so close that they are "capturing" the wrong pins. 

Be sure to copy the complete URLS for both the cemetery or the records of concern.

As for misplaced pins and cemetery markers there are some ways you can edit those yourself. If the cemetery pin is ouut in the cornfield or the parking lot, open the "Add Boundary" tab and you can fix the boundary and place the pin the best location. 

MAYBE Anna could write a tutorial on how we do these common things.

Glad you asked about this, as there is a never-ending supply of database corrections that can be done by users, so dip your feet in and give it a try. 

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