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Cemetery Kit

 When I downloaded the app, I was advised of a cemetery kit. I wish I had screenshot it, as I can no longer find it. There are lots of 'kits' online, but the one through Billion Graves App was the best.

Does anyone know where I might be able to find this, or has anyone saved it?

Much appreciated.

Desiree, Dunedin, New Zealand

What is the kit for? I have gone out and purchased an inexpensive broom, water spray bottle for cleaning and contrast, and keep an umbrella in the car for providing shade. What else is needed?

Lol - it's not actually a kit as such, it was just a list of suggestions of what to have in your kit. I've seen a lot of lists, but the list billion graves had was the best list and I can't quite remember everything that was on it - I think it was 15 items. :) Desiree 

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