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Family marker with individual markers

How should I handle a family marker (a large stone with just the family name) that stands at the head of multiple burials of the same family? I have taken pictures of the individual burials, and they are uploaded and transcribed. But I also took a photo of the family name on the stone with the graves in the foreground. But it was flagged as having nothing to transcribe. Which makes sense. So do I just ignore the family name? Or should that be added as an additional photo to the individual graves? Or is there a new category of family stones it can be added to?

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These can be linked to other Family Graves in the area or can be added as additional photos to the individual graves. I typically will take a photo of the monument with the family name and link the other stones around it .

Yes - it is especially important to take a photo of the large surname stone, showing as many of the family member stones as possible. In some large plots, you may need to take views from different corners or sides. If the family member stones do not have the family/surname on them, be careful to link everyone back to the big stone. 

This is one I did in the old country churchyard cemetery where my father's family/ancesters and neighbors are buried. The custom in the place is to have all the plots in a row, and not all the stones will have names on them.  In several cases there is a marker for the couple and lots of little markers for unnamed infants.


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