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People search doesn’t work.

We try searching for an individual and the search parameters are ignored. Example. We ask for Smith in city cemetery #1 in San Antonio. We get sims for Houston, ok;aroma, etc. We also get results for smythe. Another type would be searching for name Durban and we get Durban’s and Turban’s, etc. this has been an ongoing problem

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We have had users complain immensely over the years that our perimeters for searching were too rigid, so we gave the majority of our users the ability to search all records pertaining to what they may be looking for. In order to narrow down the perimeters you will need to do the following. Type in the name as you would normally do and click search:

Next, narrow down what you are looking for by clicking on the buttons on the left:

For example, I don't know the year Robert Newton died, but I know that he died in the state of Georgia:

This action narrowed my search down to 523 people instead of over 74,000

Next, I can click on filtering by exact match rather than phonetic.  By clicking on phonetic it will be names that sound like...which is the default.

By performing this action, I narrowed this down even further. 

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