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**Printing the BillionGraves Record-GI-O

I would like to print the BillionGraves record that would include the headstone photo, the details, cemetery name and the transcriber and photographer info WITHOUT all the ads.  Is that possible?  Currently, I'm right clicking the page and have a messy record to save.  HELP!

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Yes - when I click right, it gives me essentially garbled screen print. over three pages of mess. I would like to be able to print the record that shows linked photos and the people there in one view, so I can create a paper album of certain family groups. This is for a rural cemetery reclamation/restoration project. 

Would also like to be able to print a very condensed version of the index (all or partial) for a cemetery. 

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Yes, this is a feature that I would love to see, the ability to print (to printer or pdf) a nice, neat transcription of the data on the page, without all of the adverts and mess.  Thanks

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I to would love to have this print feature. I pay to have access to this site and it would be wonderful if you give us the ability to print and save the important information without all the adds.

Thanks - Keith

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