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Filter By Collections?

I see instructions to filter by collection such as military etc, but do not see a drop down box, check, nor any way to actually do this. Am I missing something on my page?  My goal is to locate all the military graves and put flags, wreaths, and the such on them at the appropriate holiday.  All I see are search by name or by cemetery.

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So far as I can find, it only works from the name search side of the filters. And even then it is tricky. I tried searching for a record that I know is in my local church cemetery as a WW2 veteran, and the first seach included others around the couuntry but not that one. When I included the state in the filters his name was at the top of a long lists of similar names.

I do not think there is a way to filter it for a given cemetery. But there should be . 

Your idea is a good one; we are asked to include all available information from the stone, but there is no way to search for it. 

I also wish we had a blank field for adding  Masonic/Fraternal and other information on the stones. Firemen, police, farmers/loggers/professional - whatever. It may or may not be entered as epitaph/notes or not ever. Lots of missing information. 


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