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Issue with Ipad Search

We use IPADs to search people/cemeteries. When doing cemetery search we get an icon for the cemetery but cannot access the cemetery because tapping icon zooms in, repeat tap zooms more until such time that circles with numbers in them comes up. We cannot get rid of the circles.

After reviewing this issue it looks as though there are some issues with the ipad for searches. It zooms in too close and it will add a photo icon without wanting to do so.-Ayoung


The circles are clusters of graves.  When you zoom in further you will see individual pins, which are individual stones in a cemetery.  If you look at this cemetery, you will see a cluster of 184 stones a cluster of 27 stones and a cluster of 24 stones.

When you zoom in further the clusters go away and you can see individual pins:

I understand what the circles are. However, before when we tapped the icon for the cemetery it would show us the name of the cemetery and how many headstone photos there are. Tapping this response would take us to a search screen for this cemetery so that we could see as an example how many smiths are in this cemetery. In this way we can get all relatives within the cemetery. Now we can zoom all the way down to the pins but they don’t identify who the grave is for etc.
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