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Photographing old unreadable headstones


Relatively new to transcribing, and very new to photographing.  I have searched for an answer to my question, but haven't been able to find anything.  Yesterday we went to a local churchyard and found many headstones which are totally unreadable through age/weathering.  This is often no possibility of reading anything on the stone.  Should I still be taking photos of these and saving these in the graveyard so that it is recorded for GPS purposes, or not uploading at all?



@Hep...Yes!  Although many stones are weathered, there is a possibility of records for the cemetery being in an archive or in county records. The Trinity Churchyard in New York is a great example of this phenomenon. There are many stones that users have taken photos of, and many researchers have been able to use City records and give names back to the headstones. Here are some examples:

OK, thanks, this is good.  Many of the ones I have taken have lost all inscriptions from the stone, so the only way to identify would be from records of plots only.  No clues on the stones at all!

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