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**An easier more effective way to get through cemetery indexes-AI-O

-Request from DSWright

For a smallish cemetery (under 2-3 thousand) the current system works fine BUT ... in a cemetery the size of Woodlawn (25000+), that means the > has to be clicked and page loaded 632 TIMES. They should set this so that one can navigate to the bottom - like in Windows Home-Home-Down macro. The records at the top with the ---- are ones that I put the --- to indicate that I could not find a surname associated with them for sure. There are very many others probably at the bottom that do not have anything in the Family name field, and for some reason, the alphabetic sorter puts them at the bottom instead of the top. If they are all at the top, then it is easy to see everything and match up images from the same stone or family group. If you use the Z it only shows the records with Z last name; does not show those that follow the Z but before the supporting records.

The easiest way for you to see the effect is to go to a smallish cemetery in Denmark, and scroll through. Many Danish graves have only the given name, so the surname field will be black. These all sort to the bottom, after the last entry with a family name in that field. I found one that only a a period (.) and it also sorted to the bottom. Those with ----- and ???? will sort to the top. 

If you go to the Hamilton Cemetery (only 1800) and >>>> through you will see how they sort out at the bottom.

This is really just a code correction for the sort order that is needed for what I want to do, but it would be nice if the < > had page selections available and a way to go to the bottom in one or two keystrokes. 

Thanks, DS

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