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Why can't I transcribe images? Where are the images to transcribe?

I have been trying to transcribe photos for several weeks but after setting language, country e.g. USA, with about 1500 to be transcribed I keep getting message that there are no photos to transcribe.  What am I doing wrong?  Never had this problem before. any help would be appreciated


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Right now it is winter, and there are no photographs that need to be transcribed. Most of our photo takers prefer also to transcribe their own images. The 1500 images out there are either green pins in a cemetery that are the most difficult to transcribe or they are images that photographers have saved for themselves. Typically what this means is you will need to go out and take photographs in order to be able to transcribe. Sorry about that!

I have the same question.
I live in Australia and it's Summer. I set the filters to "Language English, Country Australia, Cemetery All". I can see all the cemeteries listed with the numbers beside the names, but then I get a red pop up telling me No Images Found.
I've been experiencing this error/popup for months now.

This means that we are out of the images that meet that criteria. We have many many English transcribers in many countries.  We do not have enough transcribers able to work in other languages. Although it will show that we have 500 or more records available for transcription, these are all in other languages besides English. Also, many of our photo takers transcribe their own images. This also leaves the pool of English transcriptions at a minimal level. We encourage people to take photos as this will allow them to also transcribe. 

Zdjęcia z cmentarza w Nowa Sól zostały wysłane. W środę były dostępne. W czwartek przepadło około 300 zdjęć. Co jest przyczyną ich zniknięcia.


Why can't I transcribe the images I just uploaded, as well as several I uploaded the other day?

I get the following message, "No Images Found

Sorry, but there are no more images in Melville Cemetery. Images recently uploaded may not be available for 2 weeks. Please adjust your filters."

Clearly, a better filtering system could be developed; at the same time, the uploaders need to be diligent in marking the language of their headstone images, so that they don't all get dumped in 'unknown' or 'unsorted' or 'other' or whatever generic list is currently the norm.

If photos are held for the uploaded to transcribe, they shouldn't be counted in the totals, which is frustrating to those who want to help...  BG is actively (albeit unintentionally) discouraging people from volunteering their help by making it difficult.

Related question: I have a number of Vietnamese stones I uploaded yesterday - I had initially checked off "hold for 14 days" as I prefer transcribing myself.  I soon realized that the Vietnamese naming convention is confusing to me, and I don't want to do any injustices by referring the wrong 'first' or 'last' names.

I've completed the batch of uploads I know I can do, and I've marked all the Vietnamese ones as Vietnamese language, so I want to release the rest to the public now.

Is there a way to do that manually, or will they simply wait 13 more days?

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For weeks now, I click on cemeteries that have 20-40 images available, but I always get the glaring red sign - no images available. Then maybe clear your filters or something. Belle Passi, Byhalia, Cemetery on the plains, etc. Please do something about these.

@Tuckersmom- When someone takes a photo without enough memory on their phone, the app will sometimes save blank images. We are working to address this issue, but have removed the images in the Byhalia Cemetery so they will no longer be shown in the queue.

@David- They will wait for 13 days. 

How do you transcribe a hyphenated last name on the tombstone?  Do we assume everyone on the tombstone has this hyphenated last name?

I was transcribing normally. yesterday when I have accessed the page the small images appeared on the left, but when I clicked on them  it does not enlarge . The following information appeared:  "Image failed to load. Sorry, there was a problem loading your image. Try again".

On the footer the following information appeared: "error for the site owner. Invalid domain for Key of the site".

Please, what can I do?

(852 KB)

@Clara We sent this over to our technical staff

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