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I am unable to search areas outside my geographic area. The whole point of joining is to search for ancestors known to have lived in areas I cannot walk to.(Across the World) Even when I know which Cemetery and which year of burial, your search simply returns me to the local Cemetery.
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I think this may be the issue. There is a difference between using the app and using the website. On the app, you need to look for advanced mode when doing searches. If you are in basic mode, it will only search in the area you are currently in. Why is this?  When you go to a cemetery and are looking for an individual grave you need the app to be able to find the marker quickly.  Basic mode has helped me find markers in cemeteries in a matter of minutes due to great volunteers who took photos before hand. This is what basic mode is for. I would look at the app as more of a tool for collecting data, and the website is more for research purposes. The app is mainly for taking photos and searching cemeteries. 

We are in the process of re configuring this on the app where the default will be the advanced mode.  This should aide in doing research as well. For now if you are doing research, use the website or make sure you are in advanced mode! On the website or the advanced mode in the app finding graves is really very simple. If you do not find what you are looking for, there may not be a headstone photo yet.  You will need to place a photo request in or if you are able,  why not take a photo yourself?  I have traveled all over the United States on my own dime, collecting photos of relatives grave markers. I live in Utah, but have traveled to Texas, California, Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee, West Virginia and Maryland to acquire gravestone marker photos. As a relative of these individuals I feel like I was able to capture their beauty better than anyone as they have meaning for me....However, not everyone has that type of opportunity. So we must rely on our wonderful volunteers to take photos. If these are in very rural areas, like some of mine, it might take a while for a volunteer to take the photo. 

In research here is the difference between the website and the app:


Click Research

Click Cemetery Search: Notice I am in Utah as this is where I live

I type in Maury, Tennessee as this is a place I am interested in studying. Maury is a small county and there are many cemeteries. Each pin represents a cemetery either a large on or small. Blue pins means that the cemetery currently has no images. Green means that the cemetery has some or many images. Yellow means that there is a photo request in that cemetery. (Another user is asking a volunteer to take photos there.)

I have traveled to this county and many of the Green cemeteries are cemeteries I have personally taken photos in, so I know what is there...I will choose Greenwood Cemetery in Columbia. Notice that I have circled the search button. Click on search and you will be able to see the 219 images currently in the cemetery, as well as other records.  I have also placed photo requests in at this cemetery as this is a very old cemetery and I want to document it for research purposes. 

You will notice that even thought here are only 211 images, there are 811 documents and other information discussing those buried in the cemetery.  Click on any one of these records to find information. If the cemetery you are desiring records from does not have any photos place a photo request in at the cemetery of choice. 


Here is the front page of the app for the Iphone.  The Iphone and the Android are similar. Since I only have access to an Iphone at this time, this is what I will put in as an example. Click Records

Notice that this says Basic Search- This is for finding headstones in a cemetery close by. Click on the blue Advanced button

Notice that it says Advanced Search at the top now and Basic is in the corner. Notice also that it says I am in Utah. 

I remove Utah and place in Tennessee and also put in the name of the individual I want to search for.  In the near future, I will also be able to put in the county. Then I click on SEARCH

Notice the gravestone markers also with the name Sims in the same location. Sadly Augustus doesn't have a marker that is readable.  (His marker was there, as the cemetery was on his private land and many of his descendants were buried in the same location. I created a paper marker to display what should have been on the marker.) Click on his name and you will get his information. 


Here is the information we currently have about Augustus Sims. If you are a BG+ Member, you can look up this name on the website and see precisely who he is buried next to. This aides in research as families typically are buried together. If you are not getting any results, most likely it means that your relatives are in a cemetery without photos currently. Place a photo request in at the cemetery they are located in. We have wonderful volunteers who are always happy to help!

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