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**Form for Monuments -AI-T

It would be nice to have an auto fill form for monuments with names on them for World Wars. The current method of transcribing individual names doesn't seem to work well and after a certain number most computers won't save anymore names. 

A user stated the following: Hi, I have been trying to transcribe a headstone from a mass grave from the end of WWII. To me it is a very famous headstone. It has a few hundred names on it the problem is that the site will not save that many for one headstone.

I have tried many times. Every time I try it says there was a problem so I have to take a lot of them off.  I have even tried to save every few names but after so many it does the same thing again. Any help would be appreciated I think it is very important to get these done as they are a very important part of our history.

Any suggests.


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