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Editing/removing family relationships added by users

 Whilst linking my grandfather's grave to some of his relatives' graves, I incorrectly set the relationship to his parents (Albert and Sarah) so that they actually appear as a "child" rather than as a "parent".

Unfortunately, I can't seem to be able to find a way to edit or remove these relationships.  Can they be edited/removed by users, or only by Helpdesk staff?

Thanks :)

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I also have added an incorrect relationship to a person.  DOES ANYONE KNOW HOW TO UNLINK OR DELETE.  How much easier would it be if this site could have an undo button if you make a mistake.

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@Anderson  That is a great idea!  I will place this idea on our feature requests board!

I also can't find how to remove an incorrect relationship, except that it was added by some other user, who Assumed incorrectly and added an incorrect relationship to my father's record, just because the two are buried in the same cemetery!

How do i go about getting my grandparents details removed from this site, no one has ever asked my family for permission to add it to their website

@Janice Send in a request to Please send them the URL of the record as well as the cemetery it is in. 

Same here. I accidentally added my sister's mother three times. Twice as her spouse and finally, correctly, as her mother. How in the heck do I delete the two incorrect records? I'm amazed that billiongraves doesn't have an undo button for mistakes like this.

@Elizabeth11  What a fabulous idea!  We placed this idea on the Feature Request field in the forum!

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