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Some confusing wrong information

While checking through a couple of records Ive found errors occurring in the records.  Reference record 5621591 for George BRIDGE.  The record of his burial at the top of the page is correct but scroll down the page under GRAVE SITE OF ..... it shows ref to Hamilton park [in Hamilton] with a link and cemetery photo for Waikumete Cemetery in Waitakere West Auckland some hundred km's away.  BTW the web link doesn't work either to Waitakere.

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I don't need file my grandparents are buried in Graceland cemetary in Omaha. They died in fire in 1943. They are frederick and bertha , sons schuyler. And teddy and baby mary. Hulett. There is no such person you have as frederick schuyler or bertha teddy? Frederick waddell hulett . Bertha Eldridge hulett. Please fix this mistake. It's on your records in omaha graceland. Very careless. Thanks if you fix this. Mary harwood

@Mary Harwood  We apologize for this issue. The stone in the cemetery was transcribed incorrectly.  Volunteers are responsible for transcribing records, and as the stone has no dates, I believe our volunteers were confused about the names on the stone. I have transcribed all of these records correctly.  Please take a look at them and let me know if there are any more issues that need addressing.  What a sad tragedy for your family.

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