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Gravestones don't show up in correct cemetery

There are two cemeteries side by side.   I drew cemetery boundaries for each cemetery.  I then changed the cemetery on individual gravestones to the right cemetery.  However, when I search on the cemetery #2, nothing shows up.  If I search on the cemetery #1, they still show up in there (which is incorrect).   When I pull the details up for the gravestone, it shows they are in cemetery #1 which is where they belong.    How do I get these gravestones show show up in the correct cemetery in a search?

I don't know the exact time required, but when you have made these corrections, it will show correctly on the record whichis updated instantly. However, it takes some time to have those changes to the cemetery indexes made, so it will show up as you so describe for a while. I usually just let it go, and come back to that cemetery later to check the listings. I think  that you might have to close the browser and reload BG to get it refresh in real time, but it may be more of a matter that the cemetery indexes are not refreshing on the server in real time, but at timed intervals. Can BG team confirm/explain this further?   I know this was frustrating to me when I first started working on cemetery cleanups and corrections. 

After making corrections it usually takes a full 24 hour cycle for our servers to update. 

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