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How do I reply to the requester of Photo Request ?

As a courtesy, I'd like to let the requester know that the cemetery in question is a considerable distance away from me, so I cannot fulfill the request.   I can't seem to find an option to 'reply' in any way.


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These photo requests are sent out to multiple people in the area who have been willing to photograph in the past. If you can't do it, there is no problem, as others will also get an email. However, there should be an email listed at the top of these photo requests to reply back. 

I see no way to let the sender know I cannot photo the grave.  They have sent me 3 requests.  Their name is not hyperlinked and I am tried of getting requests to go take a photo at a cemetery that is too far away.  Do I need to block the sender?  Thank you.

There is no email address on the request I have received.  I need to ask the requester why a photo is required when one is already available online for no cost on Find a Grave?  If I were to take a photo it would most likely look exactly like that one!

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