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Failure to save relationships in supporting records Tickets 9706 9707 GH #137


I have just added 2 photographs and transcriptions of a husband and wife whose headstone / memorials are located next to each other in the cemetery. After addition, I went to link the wife to the husband but instead of her linked name appearing in the family box, all that displays is the word 'spouse' on the left and a dustbin on the right hand side. These are  both supporting records. This is not the first time I have had this issue as it occurred before some months ago with another family and you fixed that but now it's happening again. The links to the couples pages are as follows:

Would appreciate it if you could fix this please.

Thank you!

Further to my previous post regarding family relationships on supporting records / photographs failing to link correctly with a blue 'link' to the relevant relative - I have another set which need reviewing 

Margerite Barrowman nee Burn

daughter of  Sir Joseph Burn K.B.E.


and his wife Dame Emily Harriett Burn

The parents are listed on the same headstone but the daughter is in another grave in the same cemetery with her husband. 

There are bound to be more like this as I go through them as there are quite a few people with family names listed in this cemetery so would appreciate it if this issue could be looked into again. I know it was previously fixed at some point but seems to have recurred.

Thank You

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