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Added Photos & Transcribed Them, But..

I've taken probably 200 photos with a digital camera (not phone).  I added them to an existing

cemetery (which I edited..I changed the name) using "Add Headstones".  Then I transcribed them.

When viewing the cemtery, why does the cemeteryshow Records 0 Images 0?

Also, when transcribing the photos, the cemetery name is recorded, but Cemetery Location is blank, yet

on the Cemetery page.   the address and location are recorded.

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Our website is based on verifiable GPS images taken with our specialized app. (Which is free in either Google Play or the App Store) Photos taken outside of the app are called supporting records on our site as they can't be verified. We like these too, but they are not counted currently in an overall cemetery page.  On the main cemetery pages, our counting mechanism at the top is for counting GPS images only at this time. As your photos were taken with a camera instead of our app, this is why these are not counted, and why the cemetery location is blank. (No GPS)    

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