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Can you use this app to search individuals

Trying to look at the graves in Powell cemetery on this app it will not show anything. I read the help section says to scroll down to an individual life page? Then click search? Nothing on this page. It seems you should be able to open the cemetery and see a listing from A to Z.

I agree Garry. It is easy to transcribe but almost impossible to search. I'm trying to see how well a family cemetery has been covered to decide whether to go out and take more or better photos. It is virtually impossible to do so as I need to search for the cemetery every time I try to find a person. 

@Garry & @ Toni The app is not for research purposes. The app is a tool to gather data.  It is also intended for use in cemeteries to search for individual graves.

 In order to search for people, log in to the website on the device of your choice.  The individual life pages are the main page of an individual. Kind of like the home page of Facebook for the dead. These pages look like this on a laptop:

They look like this on an iphone, Android or other device:

These are found in free accounts as well as paid accounts. You can search our website without a subscription. 

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