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reclaim my photos

Is there a way to download the photos I took onto my computer. Have a request for my photos but I deleted them after uploading to Billion Graves.


Alan Wilson

In order to use photos uploaded to the website, simply rightclick on the photo and click "save image". These can then be saved to a folder of your choice onto the computer. If these have not yet been transcribed, they will not have the logo on them. Once transcribed, the logo will be on the photos. 

If you have an iphone or apple device you can always choose this option, "Save to Camera Roll" and it will save a photo both for your own records and for the app. Unfortunately, Android devices do not currently have this option. 

Saving to Camera Roll, is a go-forward solution.

I think the original question could be:

"Is there a way for me to download a bunch of my own photos because I no longer have them on my phone or computer?"

I have the 'save to camera roll' setting on, and use PC software to browse the images to find duplicates or junk shots, then when I upload the batch, I can easily find them in My Photos, and delete them.

When I'm satisfied all have been successfully uploaded, I delete the folder on the PC.

Alan is asking if he can download a batch of photos (I'm assuming a family headstone grouping or something like that was requested).  Whether he had them in the camera roll or on the PC originally, doesn't matter - they're not available to him now.

It would be a new feature request to allow selection of certain photos from My Photos, to be downloaded.

But be aware when saving to camera roll, you lose the GPS info.

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