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Headstone pictures not clear

This is the only way that I can communicate with you .... would you tell the photographer "melyssawebb" to take pictures in front of the headstone instead of to the side .... it would help to include all that is on the headstone. She took pictures at Arlington Military Cemetery, and it's a shame that you can't see all of the awards they get because of the sun or because of the way that she takes the pictures.She takes the pictures with the sun at her back and you can't figure out what is on the headstone.  All photographers should stand IN FRONT of the headstone.

We welcome any new photos of previously photographed graves. If you can take a better photo we would be happy to replace or add to the collection. Please keep in mind that our photographers are often, young, as they have the energy to take hundreds of photos at a time. Some of them are also very inexperienced with photography such as many children who photograph with their parents. Some of our photographers, such as melyssawebb. take thousands of photos weekly for the benefit of all of us. We appreciate the work they put into this. With photographers who take thousands of photos on a weekly basis, there are bound to be some that do not turn out as well as others. We ask for your patience. In support, at BillionGraves, we are always happy to replace photos that are not as stellar with photos that are stunning!  You just have to ask!

Thank you.  I am sorry ... I was just having a bad day and seemed like every picture she put on was not straight on - from above or from the side.  Been having time to do pictures - which I love to do because my mother was in bad shape after a fall - and she passed away today.  thank you for contacting me.

@Penne1948- We are so sorry to hear about the loss of your mother. You have our deepest condolences, it is always hard to loose a loved one. God Bless!

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