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Carnegie Library Project

Hi:  I received an email yesterday regarding the above project.  Will I receive an email to let me know when this project is to start?

Also, the Million More in May contest.  When I choose 'transcribe' all I get is the one headstone in my own photos that can't be read because it's so old.  How do I access other headstones outside my area to transcribe?  Are they all transcribed already?

I marked the photo as unreadable in the red flags. This should take it out of your images to transcribe. To get started on the Carnegie Collection here are the directions: 

I am transcribing an obit and I'm not sure if the obit is for the wife or the husband.  He is listed at the bottom.  Here is the link:



I would like to be able to get into the Carnegie project ..I am signed in and have my language picked. I was sent an email that I was able to do this. when I tried to get in it said sorry for the inconvenience but I had to contact you. so please let me know how I am able to get in and transcribe. I have been doing this type of work for years. so I am well qualified. my email address is:, I am short on time as I am packing and moving. so please let me know asap. thank you Vickie cloud

I am unsure why it is not letting you in. Here is the link:

@Lynn I believe this is for the wife. The lettering in red I believe is for her mentioned in the husband's obit. 

OK, thanks for letting me know.

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