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**Still not able to enter prefixes in last names correctly, due to database GI-T

Reported before, but until now still nothing has changed.  When transcribers enter last names the application turns every word into words with a leading capital.  This is absolutely NOT common in most countries.    Especially not for prefixes such as "van", "van de" etc. in the Dutch language or "von" in the German language or "le", "la" in the French language.

Please, Please, Please change this very, very, annoying database-behaviour!!!!!

How many times do we have to ask for this database-correction ?

Kind regards

Gert van de Pol (and NOT "Gert Van De Pol" !!!)

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I totally agree with Gert!  I transcribe many images of hispanohablantes and the workaround (at least the only one I've found) to correct this is awkward and time consuming.  Piggybacking on this, when entering a hyphenated name, it automatically puts the first letter of the second surname in lowercase.  Can this be tweaked?  My way around it has been to put a space before and after the hyphen.  This isn't something I do in real life with my name (yes, I'm a hyphenate) so why should it work this way in this database?  


Workaround: On the RECORD page for an individual, you can EDIT RECORD and create whatever case characters you want.

Downside: Often, special characters (such as quotes & double-quotes or brackets around nicknames) can cause the display on the rest of the site to omit what's there in the nickname.  The EDIT page and the TRANSCRIBE page use very different editing standards, and that's an issue.

This is a real glitch, BG...  a perfect solution would be to allow users to set an 'Auto-Capitalize' option on their profile, or 'selective-capitalize' for example...

Of course, what will inevitably happen is a slew of lower-case names which SHOULD be upper-case... so they do need to consider what's the lesser evil here.

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