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**It would be nice if the yellow dots were more accurate. Ticket 10591 DK

At the Larkin Cemetary (Sandy, Utah), it would be nice if the yellow dots were more accurately located.

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The GPS markers come from your phone & whatever kind of signal you receive at the cemetery.

I don't know how accurate they can be (to 5' or 20' or 50' ?) but as you move along a row of markers, the GPS is constantly trying to keep up with you.

If you move too quickly, they may get out of sync if the signal isn't strong (if there are metal structures above or beside you, for example).

If you're taking photos, one thing I've learned is to always check the small map on the app before you take the first photo.  Check that it has 'found' you and has placed you accurately on the map.  If it's not close enough for your liking, walk 50' away, watch as the map follows you, then return to the starting spot.  That might re-set it correctly.

Of course, a pin showing in the middle of a road, with a row of markers 50' away, might be because the photographer was resetting the GPS and took that photo too quickly, before the GPS found him or her.

On a given individual's record page, you can scroll to the bottom and click the pencil-edit-icon in the Grave Site of XXX.  That will pop up a map with the icon, and let you move it to a more exact spot (assuming you know what's correct... don't just guess!). 

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