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List of Graves Already Documented

We are working on a Boy Scout Service project.  One of the cemeteries we are documenting already has partial documentation.  Is it possible to get a list of grave sites already documented so we do not duplicate?  Cell phone service is spotty there and it would take forever to go through each pictures.  We are concentrating on Veteran's graves.  Should we duplicate?

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If there is not many graves of photos duplication will not hurt. As a researcher I always like a couple of photos rather than just one.  If you will give us the name of the cemetery, we can give you data about who currently has documentation. 

To see a list of individuals already documented in a location, you can go to (on the website, not sure about apps):

Person Search





Then an alphabetical list of individuals will show up.

Clicking into any one of them will go to their record page, from which you can see a list/map of 'nearby graves'.

You can then decide if it's a well documented area of the property, or not.

There may be photos 'out there' not yet transcribed, though - you'd need to view the online 'marker map' to see (yellow pins = transcribed, green pins = not yet transcribed):




The map will show the markers (if their photos were taken with the app).

Any green pins mean no transcription yet, but photo was taken.

*Note- if no transcription yet, it could mean the photo was not readable, and so a new photo SHOULD be taken; but it could just mean it's a new photo & nobody's gotten to transcribing it yet.

As well, the Cemetery Information will show the number of images and number of headstone records - if you figure that the property can hold only about 200 graves (and it's all physical full-size graves), and the website says 190 records, then you might consider looking elsewhere; but if it shows just 50 records, then cover the whole property, and duplicates can be later merged on the site.

*I recently adopted a property with nearly 29,000 markers, but there were just 400 records when I started - so I'm covering 100% of it & merging duplicates.  It's MUCH easier to merge, than to find-pick-choose which ones to do & which ones to not do...

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