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Delete duplicate, mistaken, redundant Cemeteries, Photos, Records, etc. - database cleanup?

When I'm bored, I often enjoy browsing for data that needs cleaning up or removal.

Could a single thread be used as a starting point (or can you suggest a better method) for continuing requests for cleanup issues?

That is, not explicitly a 'ticket' to be actioned and closed; rather a discussion, ongoing?

For example - locations to delete or suggested revisions: <-- noted for deletion <-- Cymru is just the Welsh name for Wales <-- to align with standards, remove "The"? <-- to align with standards, remove "The"? <-- to align standards, remove "Republic of the" (many countries have 'Republic of' in their name, but are not shown here. <-- used for missing country - but maybe could be first in the list vs. last, so more people would notice it?  

I also have recently noticed that one transcriber doing a lot of my recent photos, likely has a stuck space bar on their computer, so several hundred transcribed names show as "Smith , John" or "Smith, John " or " Smith, John" or similar.  Does not seem to affect the search functions on BG, but potentially could impact external searches of BG data,
Depending on your dbase format, a simple SQL query (or even a manual filter) could quickly eliminate the redundant spaces.  Is your dbase guru up to the task?
Example: <-- search for " ," - currently 189 on this page alone.

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