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Billiongraves link to Familysearch not working?

I have noticed that any records which I link as matching with FamilySearch records, are not appearing in FamilySearch as a research help match.

The records are linking as when I look at a grave record on Billiongraves, I can see the FamilySearch tab which takes you to that record on FamilySearch.  However, the "hint" is not showing.

Should this be instant, or takes a while to update?  I have seen this issue with recent records transcribed this weekend, as well as older records I have matched.

Here is an example:

Any advice appreciated.


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We try to match FamilySearch to the best of our ability. What you may notice is that it matches very well with males, but not females. Why is this? FamilySearch keeps record of women's names with maiden names. BillionGraves keeps records with the family names found on the headstones.  You must put the maiden name in the box in the advanced mode of the transcription page for FamilySearch to match a female name. 

Another way you can do this is to click on the blue male name that was accepted as a match for FamilySearch. 

Click on the name in blue. Another tab will open at the top of your browser and ask you to sign into FamilySearch. 

Notice that it pulled up Hedley Barton Hathaway's information.  Scroll down to Family Members. Notice he doesn't have his wife or children listed, but we can add it. 

I just added in Fanny Elizabeth.  As I don't know her maiden name, at this time, I just leave it blank in FamilySearch. FamilySearch also contains the 1901 Census that lists the names of Hedley, head of household, Fanny, wife, and Francis as a son. ( As a researcher I also suspect that the middle name of Lacey is most likely the maiden name of Fanny, but I am not would be a place to start though)...

After clicking create person, you will now see this in FamilySearch with a set of numbers called PID or Personal Identification numbers.

Go back to the transcription page and click on FamilySearch under Fanny. You will notice that an empty box comes up. Type in the PID number found in FamilySearch into the box, and click save match. 

Once this is saved it will be connected to FamilySearch, and you can continue adding children.

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