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RROR viewing image

Uploaded 7 photos to 1 cemetery


1. Shows me twice in contributor list

2. Shows only 3 images out of 7

3. Only 1 out of 3 images can be seen in your editor.

I wrote you an email. Sorry if it sounded a bit rude. I noticed your request to fix the letters only now. Maybe it is better for some native speaker to write correctly from the beggining. I might not have noticed your request to fix it. And people wouldnt be able to find their ancestors.

To soshial -

I went to the cemetery page ( and once again say 1 yellow dot (transcribed) and several green dots (not yet transcribed).

I clicked the green dots, selected them & transcribed them.

They're all now complete.

SO - this means that if a photo is NOT YET TRANSCRIBED, it is not counted in the cemetery's statistics yet.

What we should ask for, is a counter of images, a counter of transcriptions, AND a counter of 'not yet transcribed'.
I'm sure someone has posted a request in the forum somewhere.

P.S. - Maybe you could go & fix the few letters with accents that I didn't have on my keyboard...

To Penne1948 - you can find several threads here about "No headstones to transcribe" if you search.

Basically, though;

There are a LOT of people around the world helping out.

There are a LOT MORE people typing in names, than taking photos.

The ones that are unreadable, are mostly VALID ones; dirty or covered in moss, or too old to read because the stone has eroded.

But if nobody can ready it, nobody can transcribe it, so they leave it alone and go to another one.

They STAY in the queue waiting for someone to transcribe them.

Hopefully, someone will eventually notice, and go out to that cemetery to take a better photo, or to write down what the marker says.

So it's fairly normal to find no headstones to transcribe, either because they're all done for the language you've chosen (English is the default), or the only ones left are waiting for new photos.
The website allows these to be marked as UNREADABLE or BLURRY or something else: click the red icon in the photo window's top-right corner to select a reason.
They used to go away, but not long ago, they were all brought back to let new members see them, and hopefully go & get new photos!

Hope that helps a bit.

 Penne1948, where are located the headstones that you are referring to?

I get on to transcribe headstones ... every one that I get you cannot read - just pictures of headstones with nothing on them, or can't read them .... get rid of those headstones that I keep seeing all of the time.  I had not been on for a couple of weeks and there was only one in about 15 that I transcribed - the others are bad headstones.  Can you please get rid of those?

I can answer 1.5 of the 3 questions... :)

When you go to the cemetery page, under the Volunteer tab;

1- You're there as both a Photographer and a Transcriber.  That's normal if you've done both things (even if to different photos).

2- On the Cemetery Map, I see 5 markers (but only 1 transcribed so far).  Are you certain there are 7 photos total?  Have you tried deleting them and re-uploading?  Maybe a couple got corrupted.

3- 1 of 3, I see the same - although I can see all 5 photos when clicking on the map icons, only the one shows under the images list - BG support will have to review that one.

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