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Leading blanks before last name. Ticket 10884 GH 198

These are from the daily index for 5/24/19:

and several others on that page:

The above three are all from the same transcriber; but I see it all the time from lots of different users. 


Could someone at BG consider doing a regular clean-up of such obvious errors?

i.e. leading/trailing spaces on First/Last names?

It doesn't affect the search engines, but it CAN affect certain sorting functionality.

Depending on the database design, this could be a very quick, once-a-month, take-it-offline-for-2-minutes-and-run-a-SQL-query maintenance task.

Just to note that this is still an issue. There are at least 12 or more for each daily index; the good news is that they sort to the top of that index; 

Another SQL would be to search for those with no last name in that field and put a wild card such as (-) so they would also sort to the top of the index (both the daily and the cemetery index). Makes it easier for those of us who look for corrections and family groups to find them with out too much scrolling. Especially in cemeteries with more than 500 images/records. 


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