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How do I makes corrections to the database?

There is a picture attached to my Uncle, Von Oral Noyes, that is the tombstone of his son, Stephen Eames Noyes.  The same picture is also attached to my Aunt, Donna Eames Noyes.  How do I make these kinds of corrections?

By the way, this is a gross error that the transcription process should never have allowed to get through!  You should examine what happened and institute software and/or procedures to prevent these kinds of errors.

How do I get my Gravestone removed?  I am not dead!!!

Harold - I searched and found the record for these three family members.  From the image numbers it is apparent that the stone for Stephen is next to that of his parents, so the photographer/or/transcriber has properly linked them, as a family plot. In some cases, if the photographer sees the relationship, they will link the images during the photographic process, so the family images stay together as a group. Many of my local church cemeteries, there are family plots with a central monument and a small stone for each person. Linking those small stones to the large monument means that all the members of that family plot show up together when any one of them is searched. 

Both the photographer and the transcriber in this case are very experienced in their BG work; their names are known to those of us who are frequent users, and I see nothing wrong with how they transcribed your family's stones. 

If this explanation did not address your concerns, you can send another note to Support and ask that they separate the two images and the persons names. 

Regards, DS

Harold - I can't say if this was the case when you wrote, but when I check now, I see there are 2 photos linked together - one for Von Oral & Donna, and one for Stephen.

Often, family markers are linked together, by the photographer or the transcriber.

Usually, this is a good thing, to keep family members linked by their markers' photos - otherwise there's no connection between them (on this website at least, which does not link family trees).

I attach a screenshot (blurred for some degree of your family's privacy).

The photo for Stephen's marker is simply the first of the two.

And all 3 names are associated with the 2 photos - again, being in the same family, this is by website design.

If you search for Stephen, the same two would show up, in the same order.

Stephen's was simply taken before VO/D's, or it was the first of the two to be uploaded, and given a reference # by the website.

Transcriptions are done by volunteers - there's an assumption of good intention, but sometimes an error occurs - a typo or even the wrong name given to a photo.

Perhaps in a decade or so, software will be able to scan photos and 'read' clear text to do the transcribing automatically for many photos, but if an error does occur, a human will still need to check it - and how would the computer know if it made an error?

Especially for old markers, blurred by moss & dirt, and in fancy old-style script, a computer couldn't read them, so humans will likely need to do most of this work...

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