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Basic Photo Cropping

If there is a photo zoom or at least a cropping tool I have yet to discover it. Occasionally the sun throws a long shadow, or my big feet photo bomb a respectable picture. If I clean up a picture on my lap top and then upload it to the site will all the geodata be affected.  Anybody have similar concerns ?

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I answered a similar question in another thread;

There's no editing functionality here, other then to Rotate an image.

It would be fabulous to be able to rotate one's photos more exactly, and crop - but even if those were the only options, the processing power required to let thousands of users edit their photos online, would simply be impractical unless the website could soup up their servers - $$$$ - so I'm guessing that until an eccentric millionaire leaves something in their will for BG, it won't happen anytime soon... :(

I agree that the limitation with the APP photos being geo-tagged and losing that metadata when processed on the PC, is annoying - my first day, I did just that; perfect photos every time... and then nothing shows up on the map.

I learned... and accepted it.

Once again, if the $$$$ could speak, we might see some changes.

That's life, though...

Other apps allow the camera to zoom in. This is great on reflective surfaces as you can be further back and slightly off centre. No reflections but still a clear picture. On columbarium walls the phone has to be so close you can see every detail of the phone in the reflection.
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