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Wrong cemetery name

When on Family Search it gives the wrong cemetery name for people in the Newsome Cemetery. I uploaded the photos & have made sure they are labeled right... when I look at them they are labeled correctly but I have had people contact me telling me that the get the wrong cemetery name Lake View.

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Can you tell me where this cemetery is located? I will then place an alternate name in the notes.

All photos (55) I have taken are mis-labeled as "Royalty Cemetery" in Harrodsburg, Kentucky.  

They should have been labeled as Grapevine Christian Church Cemetery, Mercer County, Kentucky.  I have even included a photo of the Church Cemetery with the sign indicating it should be Grapevine Christian Church Cemetery, but cannot change the name to the correct Cemetery online.  

The cemetery in Kanawha County, West Virginia that is labeled "Dunlap Cemetery" is on the old Asbury farm established by Henry Asbury in 1848.  There is a concrete bench in the cemetery on the seat of which is inscribed "Asbury Mountain 1848."  The cemetery should be renamed "Asbury Mountain Cemetery," and its location given as "Asbury Heights Road, Kanawha County, West Virginia, United States."  I am the son of an heir to the Henry Asbury estate, and I have no idea how the name "Dunlap Cemetery" ever got applied to that cemetery, as it contains only members of the Asbury family or their direct relations, none of whom bear the surname Dunlap.  Though Asbury Heights Road was once called "Kanawha Two-Mile," when a new subdivision was begun after the first Asbury heir sold his property to the developer, that road was renamed "Asbury Heights Road" in reference to the subdivision name, "Asbury Heights."  There is a sign at the intersection of Woodward Drive and Asbury Heights Road with that name on it, and no reference to Kanawha Two-Mile is posted.

I uploaded images but now find them in the wrong cemetery. How do I correct that?

Create boundaries around the correct cemetery and send the URL of both cemeteries into support. They can fix this rather smoothly!


No cemetery was added so the pins were attributed to the closest cemetery in the area, one called Dunlap due to the many Dunlaps buried there. We just saw the GPS pins in the Asbury Mountain Cemetery and have created the Asbury Mountain Cemetery. I could tell these were your photos as I can see the concrete bench in the photos.  I am a descendant of many West Virginians in Monroe County. I know how difficult it is to get cemeteries labeled and placed in as there are so many family cemeteries throughout West Virginia. Please let me know if I can be of further assistance. 

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Ok I got it fixed. I found out the cemetery I was photographing in wasnt in billiongraves database so I got it put in then was able correct the entries individually. Thanks

AYoung, thank you very much for making the changes from Dunlap to Asbury Mountain Cemetery!  I appreciate your attention to the matter and am glad you were able to register a new cemetery on the site.

Last week (July 23) I uploaded photos at the Britton Rd Cemetery, 188 Britton Rd, Greece, NY 14616. I just checked my home page and the cemetery is listed as Our Mother of Sorrows Cemetery, 5000 Mt Read Blvd, Rochester, NY 14612. There is a pin for the Britton Rd Cemetery next to this listing on the map. I tried to edit the Our Mother of Sorrows to Britton Rd, and changed the map lines but when I saved the changes they went bak to Our Mother of Sorrows.

@ Stewart We just updated the Britton Road Cemetery to list the correct name. Thank you for helping us get this right!

Thank you. You have been very helpful and for the photo request I received for the United German and French Roman Catholic Cemetery in Cheektowaga, NY earlier this week.

When I looked up my Oma's grave, it lists the cemetery as St Paul Catholic Cemetery, Montgomery, Illinois, USA. This is a Lutheran Cemetery and the info on her individual page does state this but if someone is researching and knows people are buried at the Lutheran cemetery, they may overlook this particular citation.

There is no Catholic cemetery in Montgomery, Illinois named St Paul.

You have the wrong name of the “family” cemetery where my grandfather, Kenneth D Peeples, and a number of ancestors are buried. You have it listed as Grimes cemetery in Varnville South Carolina. The cemetery and church that was there before they tore it down and removed the iron fencing around out family plot was names Pine Level. My family was among the founding members and had been there for generations. I’ve seen Grimes before and I have no idea where that started. I’d greatly appreciate if that could be corrected. I believe the plaque posted by the road also identifies it.  Thank you very much 

@Debra This happens when folks take photos before ensuring that the cemetery they are photographing is in the system. The photos will be attributed to the nearest cemetery in our system. This can also happen when two cemeteries are side by side and need boundaries. We have fixed this issue and the Pine Level Baptist Church Cemetery has been added to the system. All stones in that cemetery are now attributed to the correct location. 

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