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Added cemetery did not show up, photos have wrong cemetery name, right GPS

I added Council Hill Cemetery, Peck, Kansas a couple of days ago. Today I went out to take photos (over 100!) and they all wen to Prairie Garden Cemetery (

When I try to search for Council Hill, the site takes me to in Oklahoma. 

However, on the map, they are located in the correct place on South Seneca, Peck, Kansas, but it seems to not have a cemetery designation. 

I'm just wondering what I need to do now?

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I tried to add the Oakwood Cemetery in Milan, Missouri last week, and is hasn't shown up so I can add records, yet.

Yes I took photos in one cemetery and the name of another one shows up

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The photos shown here were taken in [] but the the name of Saint Martin In The Woods Cemetery is shown instead

Marcel - I have sent a ticket to BG team to resolve the issue you have reported above. The pin for Saint Martin was somehow on top of the  pin for the Notre Dame. I corrected that and the BG tech should transfer the grave photos to the correct cemetery in a day or two. You can go ahead and transcribe them as you have time; they will transfer fine whether you have transcribed or not. Cheers, DS

It put my pictures in and they showed up in the wrong Cemetery 10 miles away. How do you move the tombstones to show up in the correct Cemetery ? Also, how do you delete those that are in the wrong Cemetery?

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Thank you,


How do I delete photos I uploaded to a wrong cemetery?

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How do I delete photos I uploaded to a wrong cemetery?

Probably because the cemetery you were in to take photos was not already in the BG database. In that case, the photos will load to the nearest cemetery pin. The image pins should show up in the location where you took the photos.

Step 1: Create the cemetery where the photos were taken:

Step 2. Put a boundary around the cemetery you just created, and make sure it includes all the image pins. Make it a little bigger than the actual cemetery.

Step 3. If there are only a few images (may less than 20), you can move them yourself:

Open each image in transcription view. On the lower left you will see the name of cemetery and an edit pencil. Hover over the pencil and see the "CHANGE CEMETERY" link. Click that and open a drop-down menu of nearby cemetery names. Click on the name of the correct location cemetery, and notice if the cemetery name changes. You will need to do this with each photo/record.

If there are more than 20+ you can send a ticket to support to ask that they move all of your images to the correct cemetery. Be sure to include URLs for both cemeteries. 

Hope this helps. DS

I photographed headstones today in a cemetery that is adjacent to two other cemeteries. The uploads went to the incorrect cemetery. How do I adjust this?

PLEASE read my notes posted above your question. STEP 1 is the critical question. Does the cemetery where you took the photos have a page in the BG database. If not you have to create it.

STEP 2 - Once the cemetery is in the database and the perimeter of it is set on the map, you can then transfer those images from the incorrect one to the correct one.

IF you need more help, send a support ticket to BG support and be sure to include the URL(s?) for both cemeteries and a few of the images you uploaded. 


The images I made were also automatically added to the wrong cemetary, and there is NO way in the app to adjust the cemetery of the photos you made.

However, my uploads auto-adjusted to the correct cemetery after a while. I don't know if this is because I was adjusting the cemetery boundaries (and that triggered some check), but it did happen WHILE the 500+ images where uploading.

Because the upload in the app kept getting stuck, I had to restart the app many times. Because some files were already moved to another cemetery, I know have more than 200 duplicates :/

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