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Uploaded Photos Taken with BG App, But They Have Been Added in the "Images of the Cemetery" Box on the Cemetery's Main Page

Yesterday, I took photos of the headstones my family and I visited for Memorial Day. The app did say it stored GPS coordinates and the pictures showed up in my profile's photos. I transcribed some of them and uploaded them. The app told me that the pictures will not be available for 14 days, however.

When I logged into Billion Graves today, the photos I had taken disappeared from my profile. They were added in the cemetery's main page under "Images of the Cemetery" and not listed as headstone images. I'm not sure why and I am afraid that the photos I took did not go through.

I have been trying to upload the photos, trying 5 at a time. They don't appear in transcription. Just saw in the above question it could take 14 days to see them! I thought that in order for me to transcribe my own you had to do them within 7 days. Do you get a notice of when they are uploaded? Trying 1, again. It may end up that there are 3 uploaded since I kept uploading, expecting to see them.

@edkinsclan  So far you have uploaded 47 photos for Greenbush Cemetery and 109 photos in Evergreen Cemetery. You haven't uploaded in awhile....could it be that your app needs an update? We have had quite a few builds since your last submission last year. 

Apparently 150+ didn't upload like I expected. I believe it worked last week. I am struggling to get the time to transcribe because of internet problems. I still have 8 days to finish.

I am curious about the "Greenbush Cemetery". I have not been to that cemetery, it is quite aways away from me. I went back to my photos on the phone and it now says Greenbush Cemetery but those photos are at the Evergreen Cemetery or Harmon Cemetery on County Road U in Plymouth, Sheboygan County, WI.  (Although FAG lists it as Waldo, Sheboygan County, WI.) When I look at your map the photo, which I am assume is a place holding photo is not at all what the sign at the cemetery looks like. On the map the symbol for Harmon Cemetery is not in the proper location, you have it in the farmer's yard. The Cemetery is where the dots are, on the other side of the farmer. The name at the cemetery is Evergreen, however it was once known as Harmon because they owned the land.

@edkinsclan - A border was not placed around evergreen cemetery properly. We have fixed this issue. 

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