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Not able to see recent 'Contributors'

Hello - we took a large group of youth - yesterday - 5/29/2019 - to the Oaklawn Cemetery in Titusville, FL and documented many gravesites yesterday from 2014-present since we saw that the last contributions were from early 2014.  However, now none of those new 'contributors' are showing on the site.  We were hoping to be able to see a total count from our group of youth.  Most registered and used your APP, but nothing is showing.  Do you only show PAID contributors?

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They are there.

1. To get the full contributors list, press the "RESEARCH" tab at the top of the Billion Graves home page.

2. Then press "Cemetery Search". Type in "Oaklawn Cemetery, Titusville, FL" and press "ENTER". 

3. An aerial picture of the cemetery will appear. Beneath the picture you will see the name of the cemetery in BLUE type. Put your mouse pointer anywhere on the BLUE type and press the left mouse key.

4. A new screen will appear for the cemetery. Press the "VOLUNTEER" tab.

5. On the new screen, scroll down to the bottom of the box labelled "Contributors" and press the word "More".

6. The bottom of the box will drop slightly and the word "Less" will appear.  Press "Less".

7. The bottom of the box should rise, cutting of part of the name of a contributor and the word "More" will again appear.  At this point use the scroll bar on the far right of your screen to scroll your image down so that the "IMAGE" box, which is beneath the "Contributor" box is NOT visible.

8. Press the word "More" again and you should have the complete contributors list.

I hope these instructions solve your problems.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask.

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