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Unable to remove own transcriptions by clicking on the X. Ticket 11433 GH #213

Users unable to remove own transcriptions by clicking on the "X".  If the user tries, it gives an error message. 

1 person has this problem

I have this problem when it involves merged images that are a mix of my transcriptions and others ... after they have been saved. A note to support using the sidebar with a link to the image will allow support to delete/correct such cases.

your records show that Bobby Earl French born in 1-13-1941 in Levelland, Texas  Hockley county Texas being  died  1-13 1941. this was submitted   to Levelland Memorial  Levelland, Hockley, Texas. This needs to be corrected to    Bobby Earl French  born 1-13-1941.

@Bobby Earl French. This is obviously you. Would you like this removed from the website. We typically do not like to put items on our website that represent living individuals.  We can also mark them as private. Let us know how to proceed. 

My family is very unhappy about this website. We want this removed. In progress  with personnel  at  Slaton Monument to change headstone to read   "  Bobby Earl French    born   January 13, 1941   died _________

please remove posting on " Bobby Earl French---- died  January  13, 1941"   I was born  January  13,  1941.

We have already changed the birth date issue, but will delete the stone from public view. We are so sorry about the issue altogether, as I know this must be frustrating!

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