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Aunt listed in wrong cemetery

 My aunt is Iva Belle Hummel Ruttle and is #31247515. She is listed in the Independent Farane Cemetery in Sioux City, Iowa. The Farane Cemetery is a Jewish Cemetery and my aunt is not Jewish. She is buried in the Graceland Park Cemetery. Farane is within the borders of Graceland Cemetery.  How can this be corrected?

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Tootlebug; I have changed the cemetery to the Graceland Park. In future you can change the cemetery designation very easily. Open the record in the Transcription Screen and on the lower left will be the Cemetery name. Click on the pencil icon and it will open a little box with possible nearby cemeteries you can choose from.  If the desired cemetery is not on that drop-down menu, then you will need to create a ticket with the URLs of the Cemeteries and the Grave records of the persons, and send that to the HelpDesk. 

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