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Why am I no longer listed as the photographer in a particular cemetery?

I was correcting duplications in this cemetery today and I noticed that I am no longer listed as the photographer, but only as a transcriber of some of the images:  I know I photographed that whole cemetery back in 2014, and I did transcribe some of them.  I know for some of the ones that say I transcribed them that they were transcribed way differently than I would have done them.  Can this error be corrected, please and thanks?

This one is strange. There is another photographer listed at the same time by the name of GerryJM is this someone you know? As they supposedly took 35 images on the same day. As this is a very small cemetery, another idea would be to photograph it again, and remove the poor photos...

Hey, Anna, long time no contact.  I have no idea who this is or if they even live here on PEI.  Although, in one photo I noticed a person standing near one of the headstones and it wasn't me 'cause I couldn't photograph the headstone and myself at the same time.  I was all alone the day I took my photos.  It is strange.    Possibly the photographer was a tourist with relatives in that cemetery.  I couldn't say for sure. 

I was thinking the same thing.  Great minds think alike.  If the weather would cooperate I could take a drive and do it over again.  It's supposed to rain this afternoon and for the next two days, so maybe early next week.  

If there was someway I could contact the photographer, I would email and ask.

Thanks for your reply and have a great weekend.  Lynn

Hi Anna:

I decided to go out on June 29 and redo Stanley Bridge Cemetery.  I got it finished and I transcribed all the headstones, except three, because I'm still trying to read them.

I can't delete the ones taken in 2014 so I was wondering if you could delete them for me.  I don't want to merge them with the new ones because it would be very confusing.  I'd like the images/transcriptions to be clean and neat.  Thanks a bunch.

I am so sorry, this is a lot for me to research and do.  Also some of those taken in 2014 were done by another photographer. These I can't delete as the photos are very good. If the photos are yours and blurry or fuzzy I can delete these. If the photos are not yours and are blurry or fuzzy and you have another photo to replace it I can remove it. If the photos are already excellent, we have to merge them. These are the rules set forth by the company, that we at support must follow to be fair to everyone.  If you will send in a ticket with the URL's of photos that need to be exchanged or removed we can do this for you. Photos that are already good will need to be merged. We have to do these types of things by tickets now due to the sheer volume of requests.  :)

OK, no problem.  I'll go through them again and see what I can do.  If there are some that need to be removed, I'll send a ticket.  Thanks.  Have a great day.

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