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GPS inaccuracies

I have noticed that some GPS markers on a cemetery I have been recording are a significant distance away from their proper location - with some showing places outside of the cemetery, and on the other side of a railway. Is there anything I can do when taking photos to improve the accuracy of the GPS. The cemetery is quite crowded, and so being 20-50 yards away from the correct location would make headstones very difficult to find. Any tips welcome. 

I hope you get an answer to this one because have the same problem.  GPS has the monuments in the backyards of neighboring houses.  long time ago I posted the same question but never received an adequate fix.  Hopefully,  time has improved this problem.

I believe you need to adjust the GPS settings on your phone, and it will then instruct you recalibrate your device again. 

How to do this, is dependent on your device, etc. 

Thanks - I’ll give that a try. However, the problem is not consistent. Some pins are very accurate and most close enough, but there are too many that too far the actual place to make searching easy.
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