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Wrong Cemetery

I was taking pictures in the Mount Pleasant Cemetery, London, Ontario yesterday.  11 of the pictures ended up in the Oakland Cemetery, London, Ontario.  I had the same problem a couple of weeks ago.  You fixed it.

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This issue has been fixed. 

I took a picture today at a cemetery the app identified as the Younger Branch Cemetery, which is some distance down the road from the one I was at.  The one I was at is the Layton-White Cemetery; it's a family cemetery that was deeded to the county (Kanawha County, WV) about 18 months ago, so it may not be in your system yet.  Very small, maybe a dozen headstones.  I have not uploaded the picture yet.  Do I need to upload it to give you something to work with?  I'm new at this.

@Paul Typically I can find addresses or GPS locations of cemeteries. Since this one is very small it would be hard for me to do so. Once the photos are uploaded, I can see where the pins are, add the cemetery in, and recalculate the pins so they will end up in the correct cemetery. 

I stopped after only 1 photo when I saw the wrong cemetery name.  Shall I upload it now, or wait till I get the rest of them photographed and send them all at once, in a few weeks?

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