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Need to Remove Relationship / Do Not Assume Relationships!

How do I REMOVE a relationship that some STRANGER ASSUMED was a parent for MY FATHER? 

Volunteers should NOT automatically ASSUME that headstones with the same surname, in the same cemetery, are automatically family and or parents! 

How do I UNLINK what someone had NO right to ASSUME?! 

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You can easily unlink two photographs, but then you have to correct the transcriptions, If these are in a group of several graves in a plot or on a stone.  If it is just 2 photos, try to do it yourself. Short instructions are at:

If you have not done a lot of record editing, and there are mutilple records for this, then please reply back with URLS for the Cemetery and the people who are incorrectly linked, and one of us more experienced users will try to fix it for you. 

And sometimes, the volunteers are novices who do not yet know how to do proper linking while taking the photos, and the transcribers (also volunteers), are not in the cemetery to see the reality, or don't have the skill set or inclination to research the family connections. 

I do a lot of corrections and see this all the time. 

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