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To stones in wrong Cemetery.

Sharon Cemetery was not in Billion Graves so when I sent in tombstones they went to a nearby cemetery, Hopewell Cemetery. How do I get them to Sharon? All thirteen are for Sharon Cemetery. Also, I plan to transcribe them. Can’t find them.

Southerngal - you need to send a ticket to support. 

If know how, go ahead and create the Sharon Cemetery in BG. It will be empty, but that will make it easier for support team to do the task. Give them the URL for the Hopewell Cemetery, and ask that they transfer the pins to the Sharon Cemetery. Also give them the URL for the destination Sharon cemetery, and the URLS of 2-3 of the pins to be transferred. If there were already previous pins/records in the Hopewell indicate that and the dates of the images yo took, as they will have to segregate yours from previous ones. You should be able to open MY PHOTOS and transcribe them anyway, no matter which cemetery they are assigned. , 


If you know how, first create the Sharon Cemetery and put a boundary around it.

Then send a ticket to support and include the URLS of both the Hopewell and the Sharon Cems, and ask support to move the pins/records to the correct cemetery. If there were previouus photos in the Hopewell that belong there, you may need to indicate which day your photos were taken/uploaded, so they can be segreated from records already done, by others. 

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