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Cemetery is listed is actually 2 cemeteries

The cemetery listed as St Joseph's Cemetery in Easton, Northampton, Pennsylvania is two separate cemeteries.  It is easier to see the separating line between them on the aerial view, I have attached a photo to help.  In the bottom right of the photo you can see the church and a small parking lot with a garage behind it-in the cemetery itself there is what looks like a line of stone running halfway down the cemetery that line up with the front of the garage.  This is the dividing line. so the graves that are to to left of the photo, basically anything behind the church is in St Bernard's Catholic Cemetery.  

How can this problem be solved and the graves placed in the correct cemetery?  I do have a list of headstones in St Bernard's Cemetery that was made in 2000 that may be helpful.

I would be happy to volunteer to make this my project is that's what you need.  Many of my husband's family are buried in St Bernard's and the cemetery is now being vandalized.  It needs to be saved and listed with the correct name.

Thanks for your help

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RESOLVED - these cemeteries have had boundaries drawn. Now someone needs to go make photos.

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