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My father's name is misspelled in database

Correct spelling has only the last "i".   Markowski

Thank you for correcting.  Your site is very helpful.  Mom was one of 12 children and Dad was one of 4.  I have many cousins, quite a few I have not met since they are in Minnesota and I am in Virginia.

Paulski - this has been corrected. If you see similar small errors such as this, it is easy to edit them yourself. Just click on the pencil (edit) icon, and either open the quick screen, or transcribe for more details. Some things can only be edited in  one screen or the other. 

Thank you for correcting and thank for the education.

This is an excellent site!!!

I found a gravestone for a relative Hertha Schram(m) Rosenbaum, but the middle name you give is Sharm.

And her daughter-in-law you call חנה שרם (född פנקביץ) [Hannah Shrem (född Pankiewicz)]. Should be Schram(m).

And then you have Hannahs husband and´Hertha´s son פרופ' מיכאל שרם [Michael Shrem]. Even ´his surname is Schram(m).

If you will reply with the URLs of the persons named in your note, one of us will try to make these edits. Also, you can do it yourself, if you are a regular user. See the note above this one. 

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