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Salt Lake City Cemetery

This cemetery needs a MAJOR clean up! It seems that almost every photo is its own record. I've seen the same individual with about 10 duplicate records. Can someone please help in fixing this issue? Should I contact somebody?

This cemetery is currently by my home  it is one of the oldest and largest "West of the Mississippi" If you will give me URL's in support (send me in some tickets) of stones that need to be removed, let me know I will be happy to have a project partner. I would love this one to be a flagship rather than an eyesore, as it has very prominent Utahns buried there. 

Dude I meant the cataloging on BillionGraves

This is caused by too many photos of the same thing that people haven't bothered to merge. We didn't have a merging feature when a lot of these photos were taken. I am in the process of retaking photos of this cemetery for better GPS locations and better photos as many of the photos were taken with the iphone 4S.

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