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Image Failed to Load

I was going to do some transcribing but keep getting this:


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These are blank images that have been removed. 

I uploaded 61 images and when attempting to transcribe each one displays this message. According to the explanation for AYoung three months ago, the images are blank and have been removed?  Do I need to go back to the cemetery and retake all of the pictures again?  These were to be used to show our youth what they will be doing in an upcoming event, now I cannot use them?

What happened is your device did not have enough space for the photos. We have since made sure that the app will warn you, but this is what happened. You will need to free up some space on your device so that the photos will save. It may have looked that it saved, but it really didn't we are sorry about that! Some people choose to save these to an SD card which will also work. We had to remove the markers, as they didn't save photos, just blanks. These will have to be taken again. 

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