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Image Failed to Load

I was going to do some transcribing but keep getting this:


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These are blank images that have been removed. 

I uploaded 61 images and when attempting to transcribe each one displays this message. According to the explanation for AYoung three months ago, the images are blank and have been removed?  Do I need to go back to the cemetery and retake all of the pictures again?  These were to be used to show our youth what they will be doing in an upcoming event, now I cannot use them?

What happened is your device did not have enough space for the photos. We have since made sure that the app will warn you, but this is what happened. You will need to free up some space on your device so that the photos will save. It may have looked that it saved, but it really didn't we are sorry about that! Some people choose to save these to an SD card which will also work. We had to remove the markers, as they didn't save photos, just blanks. These will have to be taken again. 

I have just uploaded 30 images. Not all succeeded and the failed ones, have "Thumbnail unavailable" on the My Photos screen. When I click on any of them, I get the "Image Failed to Load" message.,%20KwaZulu-Natal)&other=0

How do I get rid of these failed images? Thanks

@zasandra Our staff logged into the account and removed it out of the Margate Memorial Wall.

Great. Thanks.

I have 96 photos that show up on my phone but didn't upload to the website correctly. It keeps saying the image won't  load. I can't delete them to try to upload them again. I also keep having to change the boundaries for the Son of Isreal Cemetery for them to correctly load to Evergreen Cemetery. I think the problem occurred when the photos were moved for one cemetery to the other.  Thank you for working on this. 

@Riesnod. Can you log out of your device, and then back in? Can you also give me the URL's of the cemeteries involved? This will allow me to see what might be going on. 

Hi, thank you for your help. I just deleted the photos and retook them. Your help is appreciated!!! Thanks again!
I was able to delete them all and retake them. Thank you for your help! I really appreciate the information and guidance you give!

@riesnot You are very welcome! 

I continue to get the "Failed to load" message. I would like to add these pics and transcribe but doesn't work. This is the second time (out of two) that this has happened. Please explain how to repair it. No further pics will be uploaded until the problem is solved.

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